Tools, Add-ons & Services

For your Pivotal CRM


Improve productivity while customizing and debugging Pivotal CRM

Pivotal CRM offers unmatched flexibility to implement any process or workflow of an organization. However, with this flexibility comes complexity that makes doing certain customization and debugging difficult. We are proud to present tools that help improve the customization experience.

Add Ons

Add functionality to your installation of Pivotal CRM with our host of add-ons

Pivotal CRM's amazing architecture offers multiple integration points and enhancement points. We use these points to build out brand new, cutting edge features into your installation.


Need custom software or integration? No worries!

Need a custom integration with DropBox or Facebook? Chances are that we have already done it! If you have a particular requirement to be implemented, chances are that there are others wanting the same implementation. We will implement it as an add-on and hence reduce the cost of implementation for everyone! Send enquiries to